Green Valley of Russian River Valley

Green Valley is one of the smallest appellations in Sonoma County. It lies in the southwestern part of the Russian River Valley, bounded by the towns of Sebastopol, Forestville and Occidental. It is very tightly delineated, both geographically and climatically, and is the most consistent of any North Coast appellation in terms of soil, climate and flavor.

A Special Climate

The fog is Green Valley’s trademark. The fog comes in from the Pacific Ocean in the later afternoons and cools the vines down, allowing for the ripening time of the grapes to be prolonged.

This type of climate creates one of the longest hang times for grapes, allowing them to develop deeper flavors and complexities.

The predominant soil type (60%) of this American Viticultural Area (AVA) is Goldridge soil, one of the most sought-after type in Sonoma County—especially for Pinot Noir.