Lolita Ranch

Russian River Valley

Lolita Ranch was originally owned by Giuseppe but was sold off by his eldest son after Giuseppe’s death, to Lolita’s mother. Lee Jr. (Lee Sr.’s eldest son), was fortunate to be able to buy it back from Bob & Lolita Young who had raised cattle on the property. Lee Jr. planted vineyards, some of which have 50 degree slopes. Lolita and Bob were good friends of Leno & Alma Martinelli (Lee Sr.’s parents). When Lee Sr. was just a little boy, he had long blonde curls that his mother, Alma could not bear to cut. Her friends knew it was time because Lee was starting school and they worried he would be teased mercilessly if he still had his golden locks. So these women visited Alma one day and as they were visiting with her in Alma’s living room, Lolita snuck Lee into the kitchen, tied a blue ribbon around each curl, cut them off and placed them into a box….then gave them to Alma. Lee Sr. to this day is very thankful to Lolita for giving him his first haircut. We still have those locks in their box.


Russian River Valley
Varietals Planted
Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Syrah
Soil Information
Josephine's with lots of Franciscan shale
Soil characteristics
Well drained, thin soils that are non-vigorous
101-14, 3309, 420A
(CH =17,76) (PN = 777,667) (Zin = JAV, JAH) (Syrah = 877)
Year Acquired
Year Planted