Three Sisters Vineyard

Fort Ross-Seaview

Three Sisters Vineyard is named for the three daughters of George Charles, which is now only owned by Carolyn (the eldest) and her family. This site was originally a grazing pasture for sheep. Back in the 1860’s it was cheaper to just burn the redwoods that covered these flatlands to create grazing fields for your herd, than it was to log them with a local mill. So there are several pastures we inherited like this and planted vineyards there. This allowed us to not cut down any trees in the 1990’s and use some already well fertilized soils for our vineyards. Also this is a place where the Three Sisters would meet to discuss their vineyard. They would sit in three plastic chairs (still there), under the redwoods, drinking Johnny Walker (as their father George’s favorite spirit), and sometimes sharing a cigar as they held a board meeting.


Fort Ross-Seaview
Varietals Planted
Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
Soil Information
Josephine and Goldridge
Soil characteristics
Well drained, some clay loam
101-14, 3309
(CH = 96, 95, 76) (PN = 115, 777, 667, Pommard)
Year Acquired
Year Planted
1995, 1996